Tips to Evade Scam Reloceters in India

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  Relocation can be too busy a time for you, but having the right packers and movers can turn the tide and help you out. On the other hand, in the wake of the flourishing of home moving companies in India, it is advisable to be alert and evade the swindlers who can exhaust unsuspecting homeowners. 

  Here, we will unravel the useful ways to get over fraud packers and movers in India with the help of Ajnara Packers and Movers, which will make your shifting experience a tension-less one.

Understanding Common Fraudulent Practices

Low-Ball Estimates:

  Some fake movers will offer crazy cheap estimates trying to lure customers while just later on adding disguised charges to the sum.

Holding Belongings Hostage:

  Some crooked movers will demand you pay extra fees or they will get rid of your stuff without proper delivery.

Damaged or Stolen Items:

  The cases of customers being defrauded and their belongings being damaged or stolen while in transport, expose them to insecure circumstances.

Preventing Grievances while Using Packers and Movers

Research Extensively:

  Check all the moving companies out paying attention to details provided on their websites. Whenever surveys, feedback, and ratings from trusted websites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook are available for reading, you will be able to form an idea about their credibility and reliability.

Verify Credentials:

  Monitor that the chosen agency is a registered and licensed one. Please ask for their USDOT number and use it to contact the Department of Transportation to check if they are a legitimate carrier.

Get Multiple Quotes:

  Get duplicated quotes from various moving companies so that you can find out prices and services for comparison. Adequately guard yourself against conspicuously lower estimates, they may be false flags for fraudulent activity.

Insist on a Written Contract:

  As always, have a written agreement which has the provisions for services used, price details, and timelines provided. Read the contract attentively, understand the subject matter of the contract and then clear away all ambiguous items.

Avoid Cash Payments:

  Try to avoid the use of cash payment or use secure payment methods like credit cards instead of checks. This constitutes a basis for a paper trail which in any case of disputes offers a positive reinforcement.

Take Inventory:

  Before your relocation, you want to make a meticulous list of all your belongings and provide their condition. That will help maintain the consistency of the relocation since nothing will get lost or damaged.

Stay Involved:

  Maintain your involvement all along the moving process, and ensure to keep in move with the moving company. Get involved in handling your move from the packing process to loading and offloading at the new location. Be present during unpacking at the new location too.


  Seek recommendations, thoroughly screen companies, read online reviews, seek clarity on inclusions, understand documentation requirements, check licensing and insurance, accompany movers and obtain receipts to successfully avoid falling prey to fraud packers and movers in India and relocate your home or office securely with Ajnara Packers and Movers.

  Moving can be a process fraught with fraud. Preemptively protect your move by opting for an honest and reliable moving company that will see to it that your journey is free of stress and difficulty.

Tips to Evade Scam Reloceters in India
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