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For Packing and Moving services in Darbhanga! Ajnara Packers Movers stands out as the top and best movers and packers in Darbhanga, offering a comprehensive range of packing and moving services in Darbhanga. Your search for excellence ends here!

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Welcome to the moving service of Ajnara Packers and Movers Darbhanga - your reliable choice for a trouble-free relocation. Over the years, our company has been delivering stellar performance, and so we have continued to be among the best relocation service providers in the Darbhanga region. Being a truly customer-oriented service provider and willing to compete with the best service providers of a similar kind, we have become a highly favoured brand for customers who value the importance of a quality/affordable service mix.

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For top-notch Packers and Movers services in Darbhanga, call us at +91 80024 20401. We provide reliable and efficient relocation solutions, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of your belongings. Trust our expert team for hassle-free packing, moving, and storage services tailored to your needs.
Packers and Movers Shifting Process

The Best mover and packer service providers in Darbhanga

If you are in Darbhanga and searching for a packer and mover company for a hassle-free relocation, I have one for you. Now your search will succeed for packing and moving services only with Ajnara Packers and Movers.

We do not merely provide moving services we provide you with peace of mind – from protecting the items being transported to the facilitation of a transparent moving experience.

The team of our moving crew and packers that cover Darbhanga consists of professional people who know a lot about how to move your stuff safely and how to box the things in your home.

Whether it is the valuable electronics or large furniture pieces, we take good care and movement is also done thoughtfully.

Our size may make us the most economical movers, but our mission to continuously develop ourselves by applying cutting-edge techniques in every aspect of our relocation process always comes first.

Our objective is to ensure that the solutions are accessible and affordable to all without reducing the quality of their end products. We are here for whatever neighbourhood you are travelling from or getting relocated to, we are the ones to help manage your moving needs fast and effectively.

Ajnara Packers and Movers is among the top three packers and movers in Darbhanga which is known for its proficient and reliable packing and moving services.

Darbhanga comes with a wide range of shifting service specs, powered by an unbeatable competitive price and unmatched service. Whether you are looking for packers and movers from Dhubri to Baghdoghly, Patna, Delhi, Kolkata, Siliguri, Gaya, Ara, or beyond, we will take care of transportation.

Let us commend ourselves to do your journey with less stress and more comfort. Please contact us today for a quote and be like thousands of customers who reap the benefits of our services.


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Packers and Movers Darbhanga Charges, Check Rates & Price List

Shifting Type Up to 50 KM Up to 500 KM Up to 1000 KM Up to 1500 KM Within 2500 KM
1 BHK Home Rs 7,000 - 11,000 Rs. 12,000 - 16,000 Rs. 20,000 - 25,000 Rs. 26,000 - 32,000 Rs. 30,000 - 35,000
2 BHK Home Rs 12,000 - 15,000 Rs. 20,000 - 23,000 Rs. 25,000 - 30,000 Rs. 32,000 - 40,000 Rs. 40,000 - 45,000
3 BHK Home Rs 15,000 - 18,000 Rs. 25,000 - 30,000 Rs. 35,000 - 40,000 Rs. 45,000 - 50,000 Rs. 50,000 - 65,000
4 BHK/Villa Rs 25,000 - 30,000 Rs. 35,000 - 40,000 Rs. 50,000 - 60,000 Rs. 55,000 - 65,000 Rs. 70,000 - 90,000
Car Transportation Rs. 9,000 - 11,500 Rs. 12,000 - 14,500 Rs. 17,000 - 20,000 Rs. 21,000 - 25,000 -
Bike Transportation Rs. 3,000 - 7,000 Rs. 7,000 - 10,500 Rs. 10,000 - 15,000 Rs. 15,000 - 18,000 -
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Packers Movers Cost Calculator in Darbhanga

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Seamless Relocation

5 stars
"Ajnara Packers and Movers made our relocation seamless and stress-free. Their professional team handled everything from packing to unpacking with ...
| arpa*****
Punctual and Extremely Careful

5 stars
"The team was punctual and extremely careful with our belongings. Their service exceeded our expectations. Great experience!"
| anil**
Safe and Secure Moving

5 stars
They safely delivered my bike within the promised time and I am really glad that I have gone for such professionals. amazing services.
| pran**
Professional Moving

5 stars
I enjoyed the services provided by their efficient moving team. They were very friendly and coo-operative at the same time. Highly Recommended.
| mayu*
Reliable Protection

5 stars
"Their Insurance provided excellent coverage for my valuables. Their efficient service ensured that my items arrived safely at my new home."
| priy****

Household Shifting Services in Darbhanga

Experience stress-free household shifting in with Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition, handling every detail meticulously. From packing to unpacking, trust us for a seamless relocation experience. Choose the best in for your household shifting needs – choose Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga.

View Household Shifting…
Household Shifting Services in Darbhanga

Office Shifting Services in Darbhanga

Expert Office Shifting Solutions in Darbhanga Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga excel in providing comprehensive office relocation services. From packing and transporting office furniture to handling delicate equipment and important documents, our professional team ensures a seamless transition. We prioritize the safety of your office belongings during transit, guaranteeing a secure move with minimal disruption to your business operations. With flexible scheduling options, including weekends and holidays, we ensure a smooth relocation process tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga for efficient and reliable office-shifting services that ensure your business moves forward without any hassles.

View Office Shifting Services…
Office Shifting Services in Darbhanga

IBA Approved Packers and Movers in Darbhanga

Are you planning a move to Darbhanga? Look no further than Ajnara Packers and Movers, your trusted partner in seamless relocations. Our IBA (Indian Banks' Association) approved packers and movers services in Darbhanga ensure a hassle-free experience for all your moving needs.

View IBA Approved Packers…
IBA Approved Packers and Movers in Darbhanga

Packing and Moving Services in Darbhanga

Experience hassle-free relocation in Darbhanga with Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga' expert packing and moving services. Our skilled team ensures meticulous packing, safe transportation, and efficient unpacking. Trust us for a seamless move in Darbhanga, delivering your belongings with care and precision to your new destination.

Packing and Moving Services in Darbhanga

Bike Relocation Services in Darbhanga

Entrust your bike relocation to Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga for a seamless and secure experience. Our dedicated team employs expert techniques to ensure your two-wheeler reaches its destination in Darbhanga intact and on time. Choose our reliable bike relocation services for a stress-free move.

Bike Relocation Services in Darbhanga

Transit Insurance Services in Darbhanga

Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga offers comprehensive transit insurance services in Darbhanga to safeguard your valuables during relocation. Rest easy knowing that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, your items are financially protected. Choose our transit insurance for a worry-free move in Darbhanga.

Transit Insurance Services in Darbhanga

Car Relocation Services in Darbhanga

Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga specializes in affordable and reliable car relocation services in Darbhanga. Our skilled team ensures the safe and timely transport of your vehicle, offering peace of mind during the entire process. Count on us for secure and efficient car relocation solutions in Darbhanga.

Car Relocation Services in Darbhanga

IBA-approved Transportation Services in Darbhanga

Choose Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga for IBA-approved transportation services in Darbhanga. Our reliable and secure transport solutions ensure the smooth relocation of your belongings. With a commitment to excellence, we provide IBA-approved services to meet your highest standards, making your move to Darbhanga stress-free and efficient.

IBA-approved Transportation Services in Darbhanga

Loading and Unloading Services in Darbhanga

Ajnara Packers Movers In Darbhanga ensures smooth loading and unloading services in Darbhanga. Our skilled team handles the heavy lifting, ensuring your belongings are handled with care and precision. Trust us for a stress-free relocation experience in Darbhanga, where we take charge of the entire loading and unloading process.

Loading and Unloading Services in Darbhanga


24x7 Support

Shifting Process in Darbhanga

We take care of your valuables with our expert shifting process in Darbhanga

Quotation Approval

We send a free quotation to our customers and after the permission with some advance payment. We prepare ourselves for the precise date for shifting.

Packing and Loading

We pack the goods safely and consciously and load them in our shipment vehicles for transportation.

Unloading and Unpacking

After the goods have arrived at the destination we unload and unpack them in the preferred household/destination.

Final Settlements

Everything is inspected appropriately for any damage or item missing by the customer and if everything is okay then we ask for the final expenditure.


How long has Ajnara Packers and Movers been in operation?
Ajnara Packers and Movers have been dedicated to exceptional relocation services since 2010, accumulating over a decade of experience and customer satisfaction.
Do I have to help the goods-transporting truck in Darbhanga?
No, it's not necessary. We at Ajnara Packers and Movers are fully involved in the entire process of transportation of the goods, right from loading to the final unloading. Leave the task to us and enjoy while we provide you with safe and fast transportation of your things.
Is there any insurance for the luggage in Darbhanga? What if there are damages?
Indeed, when it comes to transporting your items, we ensure you are fully protected by insurance services. If unfortunately, there is any damage caused, we will help you file a claim so that you can have it sorted as soon as possible.
Are there services to relocate cars in Darbhanga? I want to transport my car from Darbhanga to another city.
Yes, our company provides car relocation services in Darbhanga and other parts of the country. Whether it's from one city to another or just within the city, rely on us to deliver your car safely to its destination.
Shifting from Darbhanga: What precautions should I take?
Make sure your valuable items are packed efficiently and labeled clearly. Also, prepare for any other formalities required for the move. Our team is ready to help you and ensure a seamless relocation.
Could you help me pack my items in Darbhanga?
Yes, absolutely! Our efficient staff will ensure that your household items are packed efficiently without any damage.
Which packers and movers near me in Darbhanga can I hire for shifting my household items?
Always choose a genuine company like Ajnara Packers and Movers, which has a good reputation and extensive market experience. Check reviews, ask for recommendations, and ensure they offer all the services you require.
In Darbhanga how many days prior should I book my bike for shifting?
It is recommended to arrange for bike shifting services as soon as you finalize your moving date to secure a time slot of your choice and avoid the last-minute rush.
What are the rates for moving cars by truckage companies in Darbhanga?
The pricing for transporting a car by truck carriers in Darbhanga depends on factors such as distance, type of car, and extra services needed. Call us today for a free estimate and to learn about our services.
What are the extra fees other than the cost of the logistics shifting in Darbhanga?
Additional fees may include packaging, insurance, taxes, and any extra services required by the client. Our Services Offered section provides detailed information about our services, with clear and reasonable pricing without hidden charges.
How many moves are required in Darbhanga to shift all logistics?
The time required to shift logistics in Darbhanga depends on the distance, volume of products, and route conditions. We ensure timely deliveries while protecting your goods.
How do packers and movers function in Darbhanga? How do they work?
Getting started with Ajnara Packers and Movers involves assessing your moving requirements. From packing and loading to transportation and unpacking, our staff handles it all with care and expertise, ensuring a smooth shift. Contact us now for affordable, stress-free moving services in Darbhanga.

Meet Our Dedicated Team at Ajnara Packers and Movers, Darbhanga

Our Team at Ajnara Packers and Movers in Darbhanga is like a family dedicated to making your move stress-free. We've been in this business for years, so we know all the ins and outs of a smooth relocation. From carefully wrapping your fragile items to safely transporting everything, our team does it all with a personal touch. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your move is handled just the way you want. Trust Ajnara Packers and Movers for a reliable, friendly, and tailored moving experience in Darbhanga."

  1. Family-like Team: Our team at Ajnara Packers and Movers, Darbhanga, works together like a family to ensure your move is stress-free.
  2. Years of Expertise: With years of experience, we understand the intricacies of smooth relocations and handle every aspect with precision.
  3. Personalized Touch: From delicate item wrapping to safe transportation, we add a personal touch to make your move seamless.
  4. Priority on Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.
  5. Reliable and Friendly: Count on Ajnara Packers and Movers for a reliable, friendly, and tailored moving experience in Darbhanga.
Packers and Movers Team
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